About Project

Two week design deep dive project of mashing two applications into one to create a unique experience for users to propose an entertaining and a useful application.

Live Project
UI/UX Design
IXD4: Behavior Design
May 2018


Data is everywhere, almost too “everywhere”. There is a need for space to simplifying the experience for the users. Outing is an app targeted towards tourists and travelers that let them search and have a planner system of places they want to visit according to their time availability. As a special feature, Outing has a  physical interaction of "shake" as a trigger for the users to have the overall experience in a much more entertainable way.

Project brief

All creative design is a mashup of previous elements. Mozart, it has frequently been said, combined the German and Italian schools of composition (Bach + Vivaldi). This project was to design a new app that combines two non-obviously related existing apps in a way that modifies people’s behavior. The goal is to take the features and micro-interactions from each app that best complement each other to create something uniquely playful and helpful for travelers' convenience and entertainment.

Outing insight and approach

I wanted to develop an application that is capable of planning your day trip or even a short dinner session with just the function of knowing your location and how much time availability one has. Outing will mainly tackle on two functions which are time, and activity that will produce a guide plan for the user by having an interesting interaction toggle of shaking your device to get your results.

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