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Winview by Innobase is a tool for engineers, manufacturers, to monitor and manage measured data from mechanical equipment. This project is to redesign the existing Winview tool to facilitate user interaction, user-centric, more efficient functions, and cross-platform access.

Live Project
UI/UX Design
December 2018

About Innobase Winview

The previous version of Winview had complex and complicated interfaces and data management environments, which failed to provide practical solutions for many manufacturing engineers to interact with the software. We created the all new Winview that enhances the work efficiency by introducing user-friendly interfaces and features for manufacturing engineers, based on their use of data management, their working environment and the challenges they faced.

Moreover, we intended to implement better data management experience by applying an interactive interfacing design to provide them with an advanced data management system. Furthermore, we converted from a single platform to a cross-platform service to improve usability and accessibility for all users, led to settling overall service direction and strategy, user experience, and data visualization as an outcome.

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